A small niche for you in the ‘Pearl of the South

Phuket is also referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South’; but for scuba divers it is definitely the crown jewel of the Andaman Sea. It is one of the famous diving regions in the world. There is an opportunity for scuba diving at this place all round the year. It enjoys a tropical climate and the unmatched variety of aquatic life present here speak volume about the natural resource of the place. It is quite obvious that such a land where the sand sea and the sun plays together in perfect harmony will allure tourists from way off countries. Those tourists who do not have a constant worry for depleting find can choose to stay in any of the renowned luxury hotels in Phuket. The hotels in Phuket have broadly been divided into 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, economy hotels and budget hotels. Obviously the amenities available in the more starred hotels are more in number than the budget hotels. Most of the hotels in Phuket have been designed in traditional architecture. People from way off countries come here to enjoy the magnificence of the place. The travel desk at the Phuket Hotels abets them in this regard. Since numerous tourist buses and cars move around the city, the hotel you can take help of the travel desk and have an excursion to different tourist spots.

If you visit Phuket Aquarium, then you can have a view of the mini-sea version of various aquatic lives that are present under the sea. The aquarium is located at Cape Panwa. You can also have a visit to Khao Rang. It is located in the southern part of the town. There are some antique buildings which are located here and there. They speak much of the ancient culture of Phuket.

While you are tired with your visit to these tourist places, come and enjoy a nice time at the restaurants of Phuket, which are found inside the hotel premises (mostly). The various types of culinary delights served here are lip smacking. The sea foods which are spiced up after being fried are a great favorite among the local people as well as foreign tourists. Well, you can also enjoy the cocktails and mock tails which are also available here.

While you enjoy the lunch at the in house restaurant of any hotel, resume your trip once more at the evening. Perhaps, the Sea Shell Museum which is located in Phuket Road would be the best place for your visit.

Tips To Fashionably Match Pearl Jewelry To Wardrobe And Skin Tone

Matching your pearl jewelry to certain factors like wardrobe and skin tone may seem quite confusing for some. Yes there are times when we just cant make up our minds, most especially when the subject is our own appearance. Well then this article is guaranteed to aid you to match your pearl jewelry to your skin tone and clothing.

Pearls and Wardrobe

When matching your pearl jewelry to your wardrobe it is essential that you ponder on the following questions:
What is your lifestyle?
What type of clothing do you wear and what colors do you prefer?
What type pf pearl jewelry will best suit the clothes that you wear?
Do you wear mostly casual or corporate attire?

1.If you are the modern woman of the world who competes with men in the business arena, wear high quality perfectly round pearls. These luxurious pieces look best in business or formal attires and will certainly complement your elegance and sophistication. Add a classic pearl circle pin or gold and a pearl brooch.

2.Accessorize with classic round pearls if you are wearing formal gowns. These pearls are suitable for garments like these. Keep in mind to pick the right size and color of pearls.

3.For cocktail parties or high fashion events, take out your long length pearl necklaces combined with topaz, garnet, tourmaline and lapis beads. This will create a high-end fashion statement.

4.Your daytime casual wear requires a softer look. Wear a single-strand necklace with moderate-sized pearls in modest lengths. This type of pearl jewelry is definitely fitting for this attire.

5.Try mixing different pearl necklaces together to match your outfit. You just have to remember the rule of opposites. If you are wearing something with a lighter hue, wear a dark-shaded pearl necklace such as purple, champagne or blue.

Pearls and Skin Tone

When you are buying pearl jewelry, most especially necklaces, it will be best to base your choice on the color of the skin tone of the person it is intended for.

6.Matching a pearl jewelry to light skinned women is a very easy undertaking. Fair-skinned ladies have a big range of color choices. They can go for white and pink, yet at the same time will look good in purple and green. However, they should avoid wearing black pearls. This type of pearl will make you look way older than your age. The classic creamy-pinkish white is very flattering for lighter skin tones.

7.If you possess that exotic dark skin, choose white pearls with silver or bright blue overtones. Silver and gold colored pearls will add glow to your skin. Choose a piece of pure pearl jewelry or pearls interspersed with other shiny materials. A demure strand of pearl necklace embellished with small sized diamonds is just the accessory for you.

8.Generally, dark-colored and gray colored pearls give a striking effect on all skin types.

You can never go wrong with pearl jewelry. You just have to learn the techniques of mix-matching. You can try the tips you have just learned, or you can browse further for more of our amazing and super surefire tips.

How Is A Freshwater Pearl Made

Pearls are something every women loves. It makes them look very classy and elegant. It is important that every woman has one. It is also important that we also know interesting and important facts about a freshwater pearl.

The formation of a freshwater pearl is by accident. It happened when some alien matter ended by in the tissue of a mollusk. The mollusk defended itself by the secretion of nacre inside its body. The mollusk attacks the external object by coating with this nacre. This coating keeps going on and on till the shell is opened. The nacre is actually calcium carbonate. It creates a very shinning build. The cores of these pearls are made by humans as the process of secretion of nacre is unending.

Natural freshwater pearls are never perfectly round in shape. The color and shape of the pearls varies from mollusk to mollusk. In ancient times, pearls were symbols of royalty and exclusiveness. They were discovered by explorers. They were found in abundance in streams, ponds, lakes, rivers etc. but as time passed by, the freshwater pearls started to dry up. But there demand never decreased. It is when people came up with artificial ways of making pearls.

It was japan who initially started to cultivate pearls artificially. As we know that mollusks grow pearls, so they started using these mollusks only for makingartificialpearls also. But it is a known fact that not all the mollusks have the mother of pearl mantles in them. So what people started to do was to take some nacre from a mollusk known as the donor mollusk and twisted it into a tissue. This way many and many chips of nacre were implanted in another mollusk know as the parent mollusk. It takes about 4 to 6 years for the pearls to get ready inside the parent mollusk. Later these pearls are removed and the mollusks are used for making other pearls again.

It is seen that an artificial pearl is much harder and durable than an original freshwaterpearl. It is only because the nacre that is used here is used seeds here. It way the core is also made up and hence it becomes hard.

Another latest development in artificial pearl harvesting is to use beads to reduce the growth time which results in a perfectly shaped round pearl. Even these pearls are found in a number of different colors which is not possible in the natural pearls as only a few colors are found there.

How To Buy Pearl Earrings

Buying pearl earrings is a great decision. You can say that it is a great investment too. They are beautiful; they look great on almost everyone and can be given to our kids and relatives as gifts. The best part about pearl jewellery is that it never becomes old. Even after years, its shine will be present. It is easy to maintain them also. In order to shop for these pearl earrings, here are few good and quick tips.

1.Pearl earrings are found in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. Genuine pearls are found in a few colors like white, off white, light rosy pink. All the other colored pearls that we find in the market are imitation or cultured pearls. The white or off white colored pearls are always more expensive than the other ones and they most in demand too.
2.They also have a variety of shapes too like round, sphere, tear shaped etc. A lot of options are not present when it comes to shapes of these pearls.
3.In pearl earrings, you have options like studs, chandelier earrings etc. the most common ones are the pearl studs. They look very elegant on young girls as well as elderly people too. They also go with any type of dresses.
4.Pearl earrings are entrenched in several other precious gems like ruby, diamond, gold, topaz etc. Pearls are also used with sterling silver and make very beautiful combinations. The look that comes out is very stunning and elegant as well.
5.Pearl earrings are found with either one, two or more pearls like in clusters. These pearls are present in a variety of shapes. The length can be changed depending on your choice.
6.If you are planning your wedding then you can try the different pearl earrings with your wedding gown. Whatever you choose, make sure that they are pearls only. You will look magnificent in a white wedding gown with pearls.
7.There are several places where you can look for these pearl earrings. There are a number of shops around the country where you can get them. But you have to sure that you are falling into some scam or fraud. Original pearls are very rare to find in the market. Imitation pearls rule the jewel market. It is very difficult to distinguish real genuine pearl from an imitation one. Only a professional or a jewellery designer will be able to distinguish between them.
8.Still there are some basic things that you still do to make sure that you are buying real pearls. An original pearl is imperfect. It will never be perfectly rounded or shaped. When you put it under the sun then you will get to know the imperfections. Whereas a fake is perfectly round in shape. You can see that under the sun too.

Ecological Pearl farming at a glance

A pearl is basically derived from a shelled mollusk. It is made up of calcium carbonate and is usually hard and spherical in shape. Because of their beauty and rarity, people have developed a sort of craziness for pearls, especially women. And probably that’s why Pearl farming has emerged as one of the largest commercial industry in the past few decades. It is the process whereby cultured pearls are grown on farms. Many oysters are then nucleated and reared for around two to five years, to develop into a pearl. But the farm needs utmost care throughout the process since it can be easily destroyed by both controllable and uncontrollable factors.

Tahitian pearl farms have been very popular in the past and still their popularity is touching new heights every single day. Interestingly, despite the name Tahitian Pearls, they are not a product of Tahiti Island and Tahiti doesn’t posses any pearl farms at all. Most of them are located in French Polynesia. A Tahitian pearl is a combination of black and green color. These pearls are produced in black lipped oyster naming -Pinctada margaritifera-. These pearls are not completely black but are also available in many other colors like: – green, silver and charcoal. Proper black color pearls are extremely beautiful and rare to find.

Indeed, these pearls are an eye candy but have we ever thought what it cost to get the delight of these pearls. Many pearl farmers are using inappropriate methods for pearl cultivation which is damaging our ecosystem. We should not forget that in our need and greed, that we are also disturbing the nature and exploiting the resources. Sustainable pearl farming methods of aquaculture should be adopted by the farmers so that our fragile ecosystem is not disturbed. We must respect the nature and always use most sustainable farming methods. Moreover, today the customers also value the products more which are nurtured in a respectful and sustainable manner.

The farmers can also opt for ecological pearl farming methods to avoid the wastage of natural resources. Ecological farming ensures healthy food and farming solutions, for today and tomorrow. It basically promotes the idea of protecting biodiversity, soil, water and climate and not using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. Adopting ecological farming methods reduces the risk of soil erosion.

Different Types Of Pearl Necklace Clasps

One of the most important part of a pearl necklace is probably the clasps. Aside from keeping the necklace fastened and secure, it also complements the overall appearance of the pearl necklace. As we all know, pearls should be regularly restrung in order to make sure that it’s durable and to secure the pearls. You could also change your clasps everytime you restrung your pearls. Here are the different types of clasps available in the market today. Knowing the different types of clasps could help you decide what to use.

The first type of clasp is the spring ring clasp. A spring ring clasp looks like an open circular ring that opens when you push down the tab found outside the ring. Alternately, the circular ring closes once you release the tab. This type of clasp is the most readily available in the market. It’s the most common clasp of all. Another type of clasp is the lobster claw. This one is oblong-shaped and flat. Like the spring ring, it opens when you push the tab on its side and closes when you release it. The next type is the fishhook. It comes in two parts. The main part is elongated shaped with two pointed sides. The second part on the other hand is the flat metal hook. Another type is the plunger. It resembles the fishhook but it has a “V” shaped metal tongue. Next is the ball clasp. This one is like a modified plunger. The only difference is that it’s spherical in shape. And last but not that least, we have to double strand side clasp. This is also another variation of the plunger. What sets it apart is you could mix the clasps together to make a long necklace.

The Correct Diameter Measure Of Pearls

As the popular saying goes, those pearls with a diameter less that 7mm are just beads, while those with more than 8mm are the right precious treasures. 7mm to 9mm pearls are the most popular ones, it is hard to abtain 10mm-pearl, not to mention those South Sea pearl and the Black pearl with a 11mm diameter.

It is hard and unscientific to define a pearl’s diameter just by our eyes. The precise figuure should be measured by a professional measure tool — Disc Vernier caliper. Measure three times and write down the average maximum diameter and the average minimum diameter.

There are different ways to show the diameter of the different pearls. Use the minimum diameter for those perfectly round, round and off-round pearls, and both maximum and minimum diameter for other shape pearls, like oval, drop and baroque pearls. E.g. A round pearl’s diameter is 6.0mm, and a oval pearl’s is 6.0 – 7.5mm.

Designer Pearl Necklaces – Fantastic Range Of Pearl Necklaces

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Pearl necklaces are a very special piece of jewelry. It’s timeless and will never be out of fashion. There is a special vocabulary used to describe the length of pearl necklaces.

While most other necklaces are simply referred to by their physical measurement, pearl necklaces are named by how low they hang when worn around the neck.

Real Pearls are naturally grown and are a masterpiece of nature. The perfect pearl comes round and shines just as the sea has made it. It is simply amazing how accurate pearls can be made.

No human manufacturing process could ever come close the amazing beauty of a natural pearl. Yes, and wearing a beautiful real pearl necklace combines the beautiful nature in one piece of jewelry.

Any woman looks beautiful with a real pearl necklace. Necklaces can also be classified as uniform, or graduated. The pearl necklace is indeed a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

How to identify natural pearl and cultured pearl

How to identify natural pearl and cultured pearl?

Pearl can divide natural pearl and cultured pearl two major parts, and cultured pearl are divided into river born or sea born pearl. Natural peal are often low yielding, costly price. Cultured pearl can be mass-produced, so the price is much lower. The main difference between the two is that the nuclear of natural pearls is smaller than cultured pearl.

The nuclear of natural pearls are often made of some sand, parasites or other things, some even without nuclear. The coated layer of cultured pearl is thinner, because it’s nuclear is often made of big artificial beads.

For surface, the growth environment of natural pearls is random, and the roundness is poor for less scrolling. The roundness of cultured pearl is better, since its nuclear is rounded.

The growth of natural pearl needs a long time. So after maturity, it has delicate texture, thick nacre, smooth surface, very few “convex bubble-, and a more transparent.

Due to a short time of growth, the nacre of cultured pearl is thin, rough in surface texture, and there is some concave-convex bubble on the surface. Transparency is also poor.

Here are some experiences to identify pearl in jewelry industry.

1. It is real pearl, if the whole pearls are all the same in their color, size, shape, luster etc. In any case, the fake pearls cannot be all the same.

2. The real pearl’s luster like rainbow, so colorful, so beautiful. The fake pearl without lustrous or rainbow-like color, owing to its surface is coating.

3. Ying-ray, real pearl has higher transparent in contrast with the fake pearl.

4. Nice touching feeling on the real pearl, it feels cool and smooth. While the fake pearl is warm and moist.

5. Observed the surface with decuple-magnifier, you can see the real pearl’s texture of growth; the fake pearls have only the coating.Jewelry Wholesale

Pearl is a very delicate, there are still many areas requiring attention.

1. Keep it away from kitchen, there are some tiny pore on Pearl’s surface, it should not to inhale the polluted air. Don’t wear your beautiful pear jewelry to go to the hairdressing salon. Pearl will absorb the hair spray, perfume and other substances. Even need to be careful in kitchen, Steam and smoke can penetrate the pearl and make it turning yellow.

2. Clean with sheepskin. After wearing the pearls (especially the hot days), the pearl jewelry should be cleaned before put it back to the jewelry box. It’s better to use the sheepskin than tissue; some of the tissues will wear pearls.

3. Pearls jewelry should not go near water. Don’t try to clean it with water. Water can enter the holes. Not only difficult to dry, which may also make it fermented? You should use a soft wet towel to clean and dry it.

4. Exposed to air. Don’t put the pearl jewelry in a safety-deposit box, or sealed it with polybag for a long time. Fresh air is needed to each pearl. Wear it for every few months, Let them breathe. It’s easy to turn yellow such as long-term store.

5. Trades the line for a few years. Pearl is best to re-string once every 3 years. Of course, that will depend on how often you wear it.

Guide In Choosing Pearl Jewelry

Pearl that is used in jewelry making is usually cultured pearl. The pearl making process of mollusks can be hastened by inserting an irritant into the mollusk. The mollusk will surround this irritant with pearl. A cultured pearl is just like a natural pearl whose development is hastened by science. Some people are misled to think that cultured pearls are fake, but they are not. Anyway, when you buy pearl jewelry, consider the luster, thickness, color, smoothness, and shape of the pearl.

Experts look at the nacre thickness and quality when making quick judgment of the value of a pearl. According to expert pearl jewelers, nacre thickness determines how long a pearl can last, while the nacre quality affects luster. High quality pearl bestows excellent luster. Jewelry experts may have no problem distinguishing between a high quality and a low quality pearl, but consumers should check out the following.

1. Brilliance  The luster is one important factor to look at when shopping for pearl jewelry. The luster of a fine pearl comes not just from the surface but also from within. The multiple layers inside a pearl gives it a distinctive glow, one that you will not notice on silver or gold jewelry. You can try to hold a pearl against a fluorescent light source. Turn the pearl to see if the luster remains uniform on all its surfaces.

2. Color  A typical high quality pearl has color overtones. A rare pearl has rose colored overtones, distinct only upon close visual inspection. This rare pearl makes some of the most expensive jewelry pieces in the market. The cream colored counterpart is more common and, thus, less expensive. Natural colors are white, black, gray, gold, pink, green, and blue. Fake jewelry makers can dye a pearl to make it look like a natural pearl. In some cases, only a gemologist can identify a fake pearl among the genuine ones.

3. Blemishes  No pearl is made by nature perfectly. Each pearl will have surface blemishes, which are only noticeable upon close inspection. Such surface imperfections can be seen upon pearl examination against a dark background using intense and soft light. Jewelry makers may ignore the blemishes as long as high luster is maintained.

4. Size and shape  A big pearl is rare and more expensive. An expensive pearl is usually above 7 millimeters in diameter. The shape is also an important consideration. The perfect pearls are those with spherical shape, a characteristic that is quite rare. A perfectly spherical pearl could be one of the most expensive jewelry items in the market. On the other hand, there is the symmetrical pearl, one with a teardrop or pear shape. Such is more common than the previous one and is also more affordable. But if you want the cheapest, the baroque type can do. A baroque pearl has an irregular shape.